Prof. Abdul Kafeel Siddiqui


All Praises are to the Great Allah Who has honored man as crown of all creations and blessed him with the potential of struggle and Inspiration.

As the Dean of the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) Peshawar, it is indeed a great pleasure and honor to greet you in this marvelous institute. Located in the heart of beautiful Peshawar city, the Institute of Professional Studies has the unique pride of being associated segment of the University of Peshawar in management sciences programs, As “Carving Out Leadership Tomorrow” is the need of the hour, the institute aims at producing competent and skillful human resource in business education for the present world. For the institute, the theory of professionalism means accepting the responsibility of one’s job with sense of dedication, enthusiasm and performing the work ethically to the highest possible standards. The institute is well-set with talented faculty, able administrative staff, aristocratic campus, and every facility required facing the challenges of the modern era.

I look forward to welcome you at the IPS Peshawar, and hope that your stay with us will be a source of benefit to you, and to our society and the nation at large.