The importance of education is well defined in Islam. In fact, acquirement of knowledge is mandatory on every Muslim. The first word that was revealed by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was “Iqra” means “Read”. So it is categorical order from the Creator to all human beings to get adequate education. Nations which remain deficient, dormant in the development of high quality institutions of contemporary education & research never succeed to achieve economic prosperity and stability.

The Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) Peshawar is established in an area whose inhabitants are known for their welcoming and friendly behavior. Plus, it has the furthermost advantage of being an affiliated part of the glorious University of Peshawar in management sciences programs. The institute of Professional Studies has a broad vision to bring about a change in society by becoming a leading educational and research institute that utilizes the latest technology and provides intellextually stimulating, professional, innovative and quality education that consists of our national and cultural values.

The Institute of Professional Studies offers gigantic and well-designed programs focusing on the Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Information Technology and other supporting disciplines, which may assist the students to acquire skills and knowledge required to meet the challanges of the new millennium. The facilities provided are at par with the national standards, while the staff members collectively provide a favorable platform and vibrant environment for the new generation and integration of education sector with the industry and management structures of the civil societies.

The importance of good environment in educational institute is imperative. The institute provides a congenial atmosphere to flourish student’s talent. To facilitate the students with good atmosphere many steps have been taken, i.e well-furnished & air conditioned classrooms with provision of modern educational facilities, such as projectors, multimedia projectors, state-of-art computer labs for research and educational use, and sophisticated offices.